Does ceramic coating make a difference?

Yes. It keeps the car cleaner and makes it easier to wash and dry. It also eliminates waxing and polishing.

How long does paint protection last?

The usual range is generally between 3-5 years with good maintenance.

How long does ceramic coating last?

Anywhere from 3-5 years. It does depend on many factors like maintenance of vehicle, is car garaged, exposure to the elements. We can create a simple maintenance plan according to the living conditions of the vehicle.

How much does ceramic coating cost in Melbourne?

Ceramic coating pricing will vary based on these factors: size of vehicle and condition of paintwork. Prices start from $695.

Is paint protection coating worth it?

Absolutely yes. It will maintain resale value of the vehicle. It will keep the car cleaner and will make it easier for washing and maintenance. Will reduce swirl marks and scratches. Excellent UV protection from the sun. Eliminate waxing and polishing because a ceramic coating chemically bonds to the paint and doesn’t wash off like conventional waxes and paint sealants.