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Car Paint Protection Melbourne

Fireball Ceramic Paint Protection is a high gloss Nano Ceramic Coating that bonds to your vehicle’s paint surface, offering swirl mark resistance, chemical resistance, anti-graffiti, and is super hydrophobic. Fireball Ceramic Coatings also protect your vehicle’s paint work from harmful contamination like bird droppings, tree sap, ultraviolet rays, industrial fallout, and oxidation.

The super hydrophobic and anti-graffiti properties of Fireball Ceramic Coating mean any liquid that comes in contact with the surface will bead up and roll off together with any dirt particles that try to attach to the surface. This means your vehicle will be easier to clean and maintain.

Fireball Ceramic Paint Protection will also give additional hardness to your paintwork, providing you with the best possible protection from damaging environmental contaminants and harsh chemicals that would affect the factory clear coat on your vehicle.

Fireball Ceramic Paint Protection is not a paint protection wax or paint sealant that will wash away after a few washes and deteriorate over time. It is a Nano Ceramic Coating that becomes harder than your factory paint. This reduces swirls and finer scratches and creates a permanent bond to your vehicle’s paint surface like an additional layer of clear coat and can only be removed by abrasion.

Fireball Performance Coatings

  • Quality Paint Protection, Paint Correction & Permanent Treatments
  • Bettter, Longer Lasting Than Dealer Paint Protection
  • For Exotic Supercars, Brand New Vehicles & Used Motor Cars
  • Professional, qualified and fully insured motor car detailers

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Fireball paint protection
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Chemical Resistant

Your paint work is fully protected from environmental fallout by the chemical resistance of Fireball Ceramic Paint Protection.

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Hydrophobic Clean

Any dirty water that comes into contact with the paint surface simply beads up and rolls off, thanks to the Hydrophobic properties.

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Fireball High Gloss

The high gloss finish requires no polishing or waxing thanks to the Nano-Ceramic formula of Fireball.

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No Reapplication

With Fireball Ceramic paint protection, there is no need for reapplication.


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