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Renault Megane RS 2 stage paint correction and application of Gtechniq crystal serum light Paint Protection Melbourne

Paint Protection Melbourne

Renualt Megane RS in metalic black came to us with the paint surface in very bad condition.  The owner had purchased this vehicle second hand and wanted the paint work restored back to new as possible. We first performed a full wash down of the vehicle and followed with two stages of decontamination to remove any bonded contaminants making sure we were working with a super clean paint surface. These renaults have very soft paint and are very prone to swirls and scratches. A two stage paint correction was performed to safely level out the imperfections greatly improving clarity and gloss in the paint work. After the polishing stages we then removed all the polishing oils for maximum bonding for the paint protection process. The choice of paint protection was Gtechniq crystal serum light a beautiful looking coating with excellent dirt and water repelancy and extremely super hydrophobic resualting in far less swirls and scratches, excellent UV protection from the sun and backed with a very respectable 5 year warranty.


Before polishing picture

Before polishing picture










Paint protection Melbourne

Before polishing picture

After polishing and application of Gtechniq paint protection

Resualts after paint correction and application of Gtechniq paint protection

paint protection melbourne